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  • Anglais ENCIRCLING

    Carl Frode Tiller

    Adolescent sexuality, boredom, filial guilt, violence and love; the frustrations of life in a small-town rock band; drugs and cigarettes all find their place in these chronicles of Norwegian provincial life, as Carl Frode Tiller explores masculinity in crisis...

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  • A collection of 120 quirky and beautiful photographs of British signposts that is backed by information about their most likely etymologies with six pages of maps to locate them. It features Dull, Perth & Kinross....

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  • Anglais SO MANY BOOKS

    Gabriel Zaïd

    In So Many Books , author Gabriel Zaid offers his observations on the literary condition: a highly original analysis of the predicament that readers, authors, publishers, booksellers, librarians and teachers find themselves in today where there are simply more books than any of us can contemplate....

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