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  • *THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER* Mark Renton is finally a success. An international jet-setter, he now makes significant money managing DJs, but the constant travel, airport lounges, soulless hotel rooms and broken relationships have left him dissatisfied with his life. He's then rocked by a chance encounter with Frank Begbie, from whom he'd been hiding for years after a terrible betrayal and the resulting debt. But the psychotic Begbie appears to have reinvented himself as a celebrated artist and - much to Mark's astonishment - doesn't seem interested in revenge.

    Sick Boy and Spud, who have agendas of their own, are intrigued to learn that their old friends are back in town, but when they enter the bleak world of organ-harvesting, things start to go so badly wrong. Lurching from crisis to crisis, the four men circle each other, driven by their personal histories and addictions, confused, angry - so desperate that even Hibs winning the Scottish Cup doesn't really help. One of these four will not survive to the end of this book. Which one of them is wearing Dead Men's Trousers?


    Irvine Welsh

    Jim Francis has finally found the perfect life - and is now unrecognisable, even to himself. A successful painter and sculptor, he lives quietly with his wife, Melanie, and their two young daughters, in an affluent beach town in California. Some say he's a fake and a con man, while others see him as a genuine visionary.

    But Francis has a very dark past, with another identity and a very different set of values. When he crosses the Atlantic to his native Scotland, for the funeral of a murdered son he barely knew, his old Edinburgh community expects him to take bloody revenge. But as he confronts his previous life, all those friends and enemies - and, most alarmingly, his former self - Francis seems to have other ideas.

    When Melanie discovers something gruesome in California, which indicates that her husband's violent past might also be his psychotic present, things start to go very bad, very quickly.

    The Blade Artist is an elegant, electrifying novel - ultra violent but curiously redemptive - and it marks the return of one of modern fiction's most infamous, terrifying characters, the incendiary Francis Begbie from Trainspotting.

  • Porno

    Irvine Welsh

    Retour à la case départ. Après des années de galère, Renton, Begbie, Sick Boy et Spud se retrouvent dans le huis clos froid et pluvieux d'Édimbourg. Le crack, la misère et les coups foireux sont au rendez-vous, mais la rage de vivre demeure. Avec Nikki, une étudiante invraisemblablement belle et hantée par l'idée de vieillir, ils décident de s'en sortir en produisant... le porno du siècle !

  • Glue

    Irvine Welsh

    Glue is the story of four boys growing up in the Edinburgh schemes, and about the loyalties, the experiences - and the secrets - that hold them together into their thirties. Four boys becoming men: Juice Terry, the work-shy fanny-merchant, with corkscrew curls and sticky fingers; Billy the boxer: driven, controlled, playing to his strengths; Carl, the Milky Bar Kid, drifting along to his own soundtrack; and the doomed Gally - who has one less skin than everyone and seems to find catastrophe at every corner. As we follow their lives from the seventies into the new century - from punk to techno, from speed to Es - we can see each of them trying to struggle out from under the weight of the conditioning of class and culture, peer pressure and their parents' hopes that maybe their sons will do better than they did. What binds the four of them is the friendship formed by the scheme, their school, and their ambition to escape from both; their loyalty fused in street morality: back up your mates, don't hit women and, most importantly, never grass - on anyone.

  • Ecstasy

    Irvine Welsh

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    • 10 Juin 2000

    Que ce passe-t-il lorsque les fantasmes qu'on a dans la tête se répandent dans la vie - et vice versa ?
    Ces " contes de la folie ordinaire " pour une fin de siècle conjuguent plusieurs sortes d'addictions : l'amour, la vengeance, la drogue.
    On y voit des handicapés monter une organisation terroriste, un auteur de romans sentimentaux s'abandonner à son penchant pour la pornographie, et un couple d'accidentés de la vie fusionner dans l'amour absolu.
    Avec ces trous romances " chimiques ", irvine welsh s'aventure dans une zone dangereuse, oú la réalité ne fait que confirmer nos pires cauchemars.

  • Now a major film directed by Danny Boyle reuniting the cast of Trainspotting Years on from Trainspotting Sick Boy is back in Edinburgh after a long spell in London. Having failed spectacularly as a hustler, pimp, husband, father and businessman, Sick Boy taps into an opportunity which to him represents one last throw of the dice. However, to realise his ambitions within the Adult industries, Sick Boy must team up with old pal and fellow exile Mark Renton. Still scheming, still scamming, Sick Boy and Renton soon find out that they have unresolved issues to address concerning the unhinged Begbie, the troubled, drug-addled Spud, but, most of all, with each other.

    T2 Trainspotting was previously published as Porno.