• Soon to be a major motion picture starring Eddie Redmayne as Hawking and Felicity Jones as his wife Jane. It chronicles their relationship, from his early development of ALS to his success in physics.


    Jane Hawking

    Growing up in London in the aftermath of the Second World War, Ruth is an observant and thoughtful child who finds herself in a confusing and mysterious adult world. She seeks refuge in her memories of her idyllic stays with her grandparents in the picturesque East Anglian countryside - which provide comforting visions of a simpler life. As she comes to terms with her surroundings and her own adolescence, Ruth finds the motivation to pursue the tantalizing dream which has governed her childhood, and discovers some family secrets along the way.

    A coming-of-age novel about the unpredictable nature of human behaviour and about taking control of one's destiny, Silent Music is a timeless portrait of post-war Britain, as well as a lyrical paean to hope and aspiration.>

  • Written by Stephen Hawking's first wife, Jane Hawking, this memoir presents the inside story of their extraordinary marriage. Featuring photographs, it confronts not only the complicated and painful dilemmas of her first marriage, but also the faultlines exposed in a relationship by the pervasive effects of fame and wealth.

  • Jane Hawking a vécu pendant 25 ans avec un homme dont les scientifiques disent qu'il est l'héritier d'Einstein. Dans ce livre de souvenirs, Jane, sa première femme, raconte de l'intérieur la vie avec un tel génie. Elle voit la maladie de son mari qui progresse et le handicape de plus en plus durement. L'espérance de vie de Stephen est alors de deux ans. Mais 25 années de vie commune vont suivre, elle aura trois enfants. Jane raconte la lutte désespérée d'un esprit de génie dans un corps délabré, l'échec de leur mariage et la transformation de leur amour en une immense et profonde amitié.