• Dix, Dix, Dix constitue une approche révolutionnaire de la prise de décision, et aussi un moyen de se réapproprier sa vie.
    Tout commence par une simple question. Lorsque vous faites face à un dilemme, que vous hésitez sur le chemin à emprunter, arrêtez tout et demandez-vous : " Quelles seront les conséquences de cette décision dans 10 minutes, 10 mois et 10 ans ? " Cela paraît simple ? Pas tant que ça. Vous avez envie de changer de ville, de travail, de conjoint, de vie ? la règle du 10-10-10 vous permettra de fixer clairement vos objectifs, d'affronter vos peurs et de faire le bon choix, vous évitant ainsi la frustration et les regrets.
    S'inspirant de sa propre expérience et d'une enquête approfondie, Suzy Welch vous propose ici, exemples à l'appui, une fabuleuse aide à la décision.

  • A high-concept and innovative new strategy for clarifying decisions and life choices.

  • A straightforward and innovative new strategy for making decisions and life choices.

  • #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller and New York Times Bestseller The business titans and #1 New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling authors of Winning return with a modern, essential guide for everyone in business today--and tomorrow--that explores the most pressing challenges related to creating winning strategies, leading and managing others, and building a thriving career. In the decade since their blockbuster international bestseller Winning was published, Jack and Suzy Welch have dug deeper into business, traveling the world consulting to organizations of every size and in every industry, speaking before hundreds of audiences, working closely with entrepreneurs from Mumbai to Silicon Valley, and, in 2010, starting their own fully accredited online MBA program, which now has approximately 1,000 students enrolled. Over the same time frame, Jack has advised more than seventy-five companies through private equity, and dozens more in a senior advisory role at IAC. Now, Jack and Suzy Welch draw on their experiences to address the biggest problems facing modern management--and offer pragmatic solutions to overcome them. Going beyond theories, concepts, and ideologies, they tackle the real stuff of work today. When you get down to it, they argue, winning in business is all about mastering the gritty, inescapable, make-or-break, real-life dilemmas that define the new economy, the old economy, and everything in between. Work is a grind. We just got whacked. My boss is driving me nuts. I'm stuck in career purgatory. My team has lost its mojo. IT is holding us hostage. Our strategy is outdated the day we launch it. We don't know what our Chinese partners are talking about. We're just not growing. These are some of the day-to-day issues the Welches take on. Coupled with Jack's years of iconic leadership and Suzy's insights as former editor of the Harvard Business Review , their new database of knowledge infuses The Real Life MBA with fresh, relevant stories and equally powerful solutions that every manager at any level can use right now.

  • The ultimate business how-to book by the icon of American business and one of the world''s most revered and respected leaders, Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric. Jack Welch knows how to win. During his 40-year career at General Electric, he led the company to year-after-year success around the globe, in multiple markets, against brutal competition. His honest, be-the-best style of management became the gold standard in business, with his relentless focus on people, teamwork and profits. Since Jack retired in 2001 as Chairman and CEO of GE, he has travelled the world, speaking to more than 250,000 people and answering their questions on dozens of wide-ranging topics. Inspired by his audiences and their hunger for straightforward guidance, Jack has written both a philosophical and pragmatic book, which is destined to become the bible of business for generations to come. It clearly lays out the answers to the most difficult questions people face both on and off the job. Jack''s objective is to speak to people at every level of an organization, in companies large and small. His goal is to help everyone who has a passion for success, from assistants to project managers to senior executives. Winning is devoted to the real ''stuff'' of work, looking both inside the company, from leadership to picking winners to making change happen, and outside the company, at competition, strategy and mergers. And it focuses on managing your career - from finding the right job to achieving work-life balance. Jack''s optimistic, no excuses, get-it-done mind-set is riveting. Packed with personal anecdotes and written in his distinctive no-nonsense voice, Winning offers deep insights, original thinking and solutions to nuts-and-bolts problems that will change the way people think about work.

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    Exploring the changes of modern times and the economic realities, this how-to book identifies the central, immutable principals of doing business right and doing it well. It is for the people in business who sweat, get their nails dirty, hire, fire, make hard decisions, and pay the price when those decisions are wrong.