Anglais The (honest) truth about dishonesty - how we lie to everyone - especially ourselves (édition en anglais)

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Fascinating and provocative, Ariely''s The Truth About Dishonesty is an insightful and brilliantly researched take on cheating, deception and willpower. Internationally bestselling author Ariely pulls no punches when it comes to home truths. Previous titles PREDICTABLY IRRATIONAL and THE UPSIDE OF IRRATIONALITY have becomes classics in their field, revealing unexpected and astonishing traits that run through modern humankind. Now acclaimed behavioural economist Dan Ariely delves deeper into the dark and murky recesses of contemporary psychology, daring to ask the big questions: What makes us cheat? How and why do we rationalise deception of ourselves and other people, and make ourselves ''wishfully blind'' to the blindingly obvious? What affects our infuriatingly intangible willpower and how can we ''catch'' the cheating bug from other bad apples? If you''ve ever wondered how a whole company can turn a blind eye to evident misdemeanours within their ranks, whether people are born dishonest and whether you can really be successful by being totally, brutally honest, then Dan has the answers, and many more.

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    Dan Ariely

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    Harper Collins Uk

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Dan Ariely

Professeur en économie comportementale à l'université Duke, Dan Ariely est l'auteur de plusieurs best-sellers internationaux, dont C'est (vraiment ?) moi qui décide, paru aux éditions Flammarion et L'Argent a ses raisons que la raison ignore, paru aux éditions Alisio. Ses travaux font autorité dans le monde entier.