Plant graphics

Anglais Plant graphics (édition en anglais)


Highly stylized with delicate gestural flourishes or grounded in abstract geometric forms, plant inspired graphics are instantly distinguishable. With recognition of their forms hard-wired into our brains, they provide comfort, a reminder of our shared connection to the natural world and a balm to the austerity of urban living. Some reinforce a company's green ethic or product output; others provide a renewable aesthetic to build visual iden­tity around. With petals or bracts, pinnate or pal­mate leaves, one trunk or multiple stems - the seeds of inspiration are as vast as the hundreds of thou­sands of known plant species in existence. A growing trend, this very original collection presents the best in contemporary design incorporating plant graph­ics onto album covers, bags, business cards, invita­tions, menus, posters, product packaging and more.

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  • EAN 9781584235071
  • Disponibilité Disponible
  • Longueur 28 cm
  • Largeur 21 cm
  • Épaisseur 2 cm
  • Poids 1 200 g
  • Distributeur Interart

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