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Abdelkader benchamma - dark matter

Abdelkader benchamma - dark matter

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According to some recent astrophysical theories, the Universe is largely composed of matter known as black, or dark - «Dark Matter» - because it doesn't react to light. This mysterious matter, invisible, undetectable, and in a way «hypothetical», is the inspiration behind this book and the second solo exhibition of Abdelkader Benchamma at the galerie du jour agnès b. This enigmatic name, conjuring both the scientific and the esoteric up, directly reflects the artistic research and graphic experimentation which Benchamma reveals in his latest work. From his questions about the unstable nature of the matter which constitutes our world, and how to depict what is barely perceptible, elusive, and invisible - particularly as it passes from one state to another - are born hybrid forms, at once organic and mineral, difficult to categorize or identify, but always dynamic and disturbing, that question the reality of our world, and most importantly, how we perceive it. Sources of fascinating and (meta)physical explorations, the works of Abdelkader Benchamma disturb our senses, throw us up against our limitations, and alter our minds, creating disruptions as pleasurable as they are profitable.

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