Battle of normandy(the d-day landings and the battle of normand

Anglais Battle of normandy(the d-day landings and the battle of normand (édition en anglais)


6 June 1944 : Operation Overlord Parachute landings, shelling Wehrmacht strongholds and invasions from the sea : The gigantic combined military operation of the Normandy landing was followed by three months of bitter combat. History revealed in its landscape From Caen to Cherbourg, from Alençon to Mont-St-Michel, Normandy's historic countryside serves as a vast open-air museum. Eight historic routes Eight chapters follow the phases of the Allied offensive and lead the reader step-by-step throught the fight for Normandy's liberation. Elements of Normandy's rich heritage are singled out in the margins. Fifty years later... The Atlantic Wall, Pegasus Bridge, Winston Bridge, and military cemeteries and museums are among the monuments that will guide you along the roads of this tumultuous historical event. Understanding the stakes This guide emphasizes the preparations and the developments of a military campaign hitherto unrevealed. It enables the reader to comprehend the risks of the Allied landing, the cornerstone of Normandy's liberation. Practical information All you need to know for relaxing and learning.

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