Building Berlin v.8 ; the latest architecture in and out of the capital

Anglais Building Berlin v.8 ; the latest architecture in and out of the capital (édition en anglais)


Architecture and the architectural discourse have become ever more important for the creative hub of Berlin. Whether new constructions or building redevelopments, interior design, landscape architecture or urban planning, projects related to the German capital stand for sophisticated concepts and high quality. The variety of ideas, the technical perfection with which it is implemented, and the attention to ecological aspects are essential factors which characterize the building culture in and from Berlin. The presentation of the 60 to 70 projects in eight chapters is accompanied by essays on exemplary aspects. These range from the architectural significance of Berlin for tourism, new interior design trends for bars and restaurants, and look at the newly developed city quarters and their relationship to neighboring local subculture scenes.


Futurium in Berlin, Germany (Richter Musikowski). Minimal Living in Berlin, Germany (Nägeli Architekten). Floating Penthouse Berlin, Germany (Atelier Zafari). Greenland Central Plaza in Zhengzhou, China (gmp). Urban Barn in Palo Alto, CA, USA (Goderbauer Architects)...

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